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When My  Wife And I Started To Look Into Internet TV Two Years Ago,

We Wanted Only Three Things…


Simple, Reliable And Cost Effective

Imagine A Simple To Use Service, That Provides Reliable Content At Only $150 A Year. That’s Definitely Cost Effective. If You Can Find A More Reliable, Simple To Use, Cost Effective Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) Service – Buy It. If Not, I Invite You To Try Ours. You’ll Be Glad You Did.


Watch Local And National Channels

Watch Your Local News And Weather Along With Your Favorite Network Channels Without Having To Pay For A “Local” Package. Connect to traditional broadcast networks, including CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and the CW. While they no longer dominate the market on quality television the way they did 15 years ago, they still reach the largest numbers of eyeballs and contain inventive, engrossing programs.


Enjoy premium Channels At No Extra Cost

You’ll no longer need a, subscription to networks like HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL™, EPIX®, and more. Watch live, On Demand, anytime. National Geographic, Star, Cinemax, HBO, Netflix. Here’s a look at what we think the best premium channels are for various kinds of programming. Best for movies: STARZ and CINEMAX. Best for original series: HBO and SHOWTIME. Best for sports: EPIX and SHOWTIME. Best for family content: HBO. Best for mature content: The Movie Channel.


Discover The World – Watch Live Programs From Europe, Asia, North, South, Central America And More

Feel at home with channels from the U.S. and around the world. Switch between cultures and languages to stream shows you love from anywhere. It’s been 10 years since Netflix first opened our eyes to the world of streaming movies and TV shows directly to our computers. In less than a decade, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have become so central to popular culture that, for many, they’ve replaced broadcast TV networks as the new Big Three — the core trinity of content delivery for millions of cord-cutting viewers.The world of digital streaming, however, expands far beyond the scope of these three services. Just about every broadcast and cable network also has its own streaming service (never to be outdone, HBO has two), and the major sports leagues all have their own as well.


Sports, Sports And More Sports

Catch all of the must-see action from your favorite channels like ESPN, NFL Network, TBS and more whether you’re at home or on the go. What’s your favorite sport to watch? If it’s football, you can watch both pro and college games with Sling. Tennis fans can watch Wimbledon and the U.S. Open from the comfort of their home. Basketball lovers can build a perfect NCAA bracket or follow their favorite NBA team. MMA and boxing buffs can skip the crowds at sports bars and stream Pay-Per-View matches from home. Hockey fanatics can stream unreal slap-shots, baseball fans can catch every home run and soccer fans can cheer along for the biggest goals. From pre-season through playoffs, you’re bound to find the top sports content you love.


Save Hundreds Each Month By Leveraging The Power Of The Internet.

The average household spends $1,237.20 a year on cable TV. Of course, $1,237.20 on cable is fine if you make room for it in your budget, and at the end of the year think to yourself, I’m glad that’s how we spent our money! Maybe it’s worth it to you, but then again maybe with the surprise fees and increasing monthly cost of cable, you’re considering cutting the cord. If you do, you’ll join the ranks of 22.2 million other Americans who will do the same this year. But don’t worry. Your favorite shows aren’t going anywhere. We’ll help you take advantage of the top cable alternatives. You’ll save money and take part in what has to be the best thing about TV these days—choice!


One Subscription – Multiple Devices, 4 Simultaneous Users

Unlike cable or satellite companies that rent you a control box for each device, your live Streaming TV Service can be used on four devices at a time. The four can be TVs, tablets, phones, computers or any combination. As long as you have access to the internet you’ll be able to watch your favorite live TV shows from where ever you are in the world.

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